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In Episode End This Madness, Kanan reads out the following poems written by him and Manek when they were in Class X for the English Literature paper.

For parting[]

Mortal, it was deemed so, this tragedy of awakening
This unpleasant seasoning of the soul through pillars of thine breaking.

Maiden, you would swim in the rivers of soothe
Run free with fauna, if only still here was your groom.

Man! you would tread through grasslands and rock wastes alike
Jump just to abide by thy forever bride.

Human spirit! thou thinkst thyself immortal
Leading this race into agony's portal.

Asking them to find what lies within their heart
Bonding, then separating, their love breaks apart.

Though all in good sight of them longing to mend
A firm will that worldly follies aren't easily bent (verify)

So Lords and Ladies, be not swayed at sorrow as such
For it is in this lifetime that you will learn much.

Grow in the realm of thought you may fall in
Mature while accepting the loss of the fallen.

Torn apart as you are, you may grieve
But linger your thoughts so you may properly conceive.

That separated thou art and separated thou taste
Still tread thy path further and unveil what is gazed.
- Manek D'Silva


Dead cold hands falter as they whiten
The powerful grip of death crushes and tightens.

Gone is the sweat, gone is the toil
Gone are the memories fading in the soil.

Confused and deluded blood-shot eyes
stand on the brink of their own demise.

So deep yet so narrow, so bleak yet so harrowed
Such a shallow mind was now so sorrowed.

Reaching out for forgiveness as one bleeds on the floor
one stands in heaven, one at hell's door.

Why did he do it, how is it justified
How could he stand while another man died.

One option remains, one solution can stand
A stab of the knife and he joins the other man.

Tender and loving blood-shot eyes,
bleeding brine as he passes by.

Those that give him life have now lost their own,
Hers was the sorrow he had never known.

Her son had walked the path, now she would follow him,
She would not change her mind, the chances were grim.

After the journey her soul was at peace
She would now get to see her son at least.

Her son a petty thief, more young than old
Had made one kill and his blood ran cold.

The passive death is great, though one dies
Two will follow, two will pay the price.

Death it seems will come when it will
Should be avoided lest the afterworld should fill.
- Kanan Gill