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The NNN Network, apart from providing entertainment at uniform intervals, also ponders on some deep questions and seeks out expert opinions to answer them for the welfare of general society.

Momo shop relocation trauma:[]

In the episode A dog in a field Kanan and Manek discuss how when a momo shop close to heart relocates, it is always hard to digest. To discuss more on the issue, they had restaurant relocation expert, Kenny Sebastian joining them. Through the course of his insightful speech, Kenny explains how a randomly relocated momo store is a confused momo store, as bad as a pet dog lost in a field. He then goes on to describe how by forming a human chain around your beloved momo store, you can prevent people from moving its bricks from one place to another, and hence save lives and momo memories.

The crispy versus crunchy debate:[]

In their only video episode Winner of winners, Kanan and Manek took a fun test where they tasted a bunch of food items and categorized them as crispy and crunchy. They then asked the listeners to comment on the same and found out, in the episode If you have guts, that the crispy-crunchy debate is no light matter. An entire chapter in the book - Sensory adjectives in the discourse of food, talks extensively about how the two typologies affect taste of various food. If you are someone who's suddenly wondering what the food you are currently eating is, crispy or crunchy, then watch the episode for some answers.

Restaurant feedback etiquette:[]

Kanan and Manek disagreed for the first time on what the modern etiquette in one peculiar situation should be. If you ever eat in a restaurant that is expensive and serves food you aren't satisfied with, should you point that out to the admin or not? They asked the listeners to help them reach a consensus modern etiquette for the same. In the episode home baker they get answers where various people including a home baker write in with their solutions.

The still painting haters' dilemma:[]

In the episode Hello doctor a listener talked about how they hate all paintings of fruits and flowers since they are unoriginal. Manek, being an expert on illustration, pointed out how this seems to be a trait of all still life paintings, something that needs to be appreciated not for originality but for eye for detail. He then made a painting of reinvented fruits and flowers- the floralisa, in an attempt to make fruit paintings fun for everyone. It resides in their Instagram page for all to see.

The knitting advice:[]

When in 2020, the podcasters decided to knit fingerless gloves for each other, they sought advise from no less than the best heavy metal knitter in the world, Nathalie Cortada.