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No New Notifications from Kanan & Manek Wiki

If the NNN podcast can be likened to a house, then segments are the rooms that make up the very soul of this house (and the audio brandings are the doors?). Drawing inspiration from their own and the listeners' lives, Kanan and Manek regularly introduce new segments, which listeners can contribute to. Have you started listening to the latest episode and wondered if there were any segments introduced previously that you could contribute to? Have you listened to a segment but not really understood what it was about (this one is on you, they explain it so well, what more do you want)? Then this page is for you. Though you should listen to all the episodes, keeping in spirit with why this wiki was created, following is a handy guide to all NNN segments. To contribute to any segment, write in to

(Segment Staus categories are quite subjective, hence fellow contributors are welcome to change or update segment status as per their wishes)

Segment Name Description Episode introduced Episode last seen Segment Status Segment Intro?
Shallow Games Necessity is the mother of invention. Do you have a game you invented when you were young due to lack of entertainment? Write in to KG and MD with your novel games. You Don’t Throw Dal in the Toilet Finale? LC No
Frankensnack Are you a flavour scientist pushing the very boundaries of food combinations? Maggi in lime juice, GoodDay biscuit with sambar, the incredible jalebi-pav, tell KG and MD if you've boldly gone where no snacker has gone before. End This Madness Finale? LC Yes
Modern Etiquette Chivalry is dead, but as the next best thing KG and MD are putting together a comprehensive set of rules for the polite functioning of a society full of people who text back "k". Tell KG and MD if you've been in a situation where the proper rules of etiquette have not yet been defined. 5. Let's Cut the Chase Ambulance! Ambulance! LC Yes
Snubdate Spotify released a list of podcasts launched in 2020 but failed to include NNN, the most launched podcast of 2020. KG and MD did not take this snub lying down. This segment details what came of the snub. Snubbed! Ambulance! Ambulance! VU No
Appdate Being the only podcast ever to create an app which hosts an impressive podcast network, KG and MD would love to hear what you think of the NNN app and debate your app feature requests. APPetite for Disruption Ambulance! Ambulance! CD No
Sponsors Searching for a sponsor (to help recover some money that has been thrown into the bottomless well that is the NNN podcast), KG and MD carve out a dedicated ad space for future sponsors and fill it with test sponsors until they find a real one. XII. I'm Not Even LOLing Ambulance! Ambulance! LC No
Collectors Manek collects 'designer' enamel pins. Kanan collects watches and things he doesn't use. Do you have a collection too? Write to KG and MD, the more specific and esoteric, the better. Home Baker Please Don't Meet Me VU No
Shopline Bling Are you in a dilemma about buying something, you’ve weighed the pros and cons but can’t seem to decide? Give KG and MD the details, and they’ll give you their professional opinion on whether you should buy it. 2. Not An Issue You Don’t Throw Dal in the Toilet CD Yes
Stampdate Hosts of a groundbreaking podcast with several futuristic endeavours, KG and MD decide to break ground into the past (because the future is limited) with official NNN postage stamps. Listen to their journey in this rose-scented segment. Remove Us From This Competition Get Down! It’s The Philatelic Bureau LC No
Stranger Things Sometimes kindness comes from the most unexpected places, strangers. But more often the weirdest, strangest encounters come from strangers. If you have had a glimpse into a stranger's life or had a conversation with a stranger you didn't ask for, write to KG and MD. Fans of the Law Get Down! It’s The Philatelic Bureau CD Yes
Winners By listening to the podcast you are already a winner, but if there's a unique competition you won at some point in your life, like a one-handed pillow fight for which you received a 12-piece antique glass set, then that's a story KG and MD would love to hear. Winners was a tasteful remaster of the dead 'Podcast Award Shows' segment. You Don't Worry Remove Us From This Competition CD No
Haterz & Loverz Manek hates coffee, Kanan hates dance videos, Vikram hates Inception and the laughter of innocent children. If you or someone you know hates something that everyone else seems to love, tell KG and MD about it, and justify why this thing deserves to be hated. Conversely, if you love something that everyone else seems to hate, there's a seg for that too. Haterz - 3. A Spammer in the Works, Loverz - Snubbed! Haterz - Good one, Loverz - You Don't Worry VU Yes
Late Learners Did you recently and embarrassingly learn what Netflix and Chill actually means? Did you just realise why that tech-dystopian show is called Black Mirror? We've all been there, tell KG and MD what crucial information you unfortunately learned very late. 10. The Rabbit of Peace Just FYI VU Yes
Public Declarations Manek announced his 'no unnecessary sugar' diet publicly on the podcast so that he can be held accountable. Write in if you too have a commitment you would like to publicly declare. Tomorrow Never Diets I Demand Knowledge EX No
NNNToken In yet another groundbreaking move, KG and MD decide to launch their own cryptocurrency token, the NNN token. If you know how to start a blockchain, write to them, they really need the help. Falling in Glove Fans of the Law EW No
Knitting Saga Improving on Vikram's suggestion to wear ugly sweaters, KG and MD decide to knit fingerless gloves and declare a knit off. Amidst diss tracks and expert advice, who will be the winner? But more importantly, will there be a winner? Snubbed! Fans of the Law EX No (However, includes 2 educational diss tracks)
Expired Apologies We often make mistakes or do things that we shouldn't have, but sometimes surprising circumstances arise, due to which the apology is no longer required. Write into KG and MD with what you did that you didn't have to apologise for. Gorboroth If You Have Guts EN No
2021 predictions Looking for 2021 predictions, KG and MD invite your craziest predictions on their public podcast, awarding the ones that turn out to be true with the scintillating Golden Zero. Should I Have a Party? You Don't Worry EX No
Animal Enemies There's a particular cow in Mumbai that has a fierce vendetta against Kanan for apparently no reason. Give KG and MD the low-down on your animal enemy. 5. Let's Cut the Chase Much Ado About Knitting EN No
Sexy Motivation Looking through top podcasts of India, KG and MD found that India loves motivation and sexy times, which is exactly what they give the listeners in this (short lived) segment. Snubbed! APPetite for Disruption EW No
France Corner In an effort to get sponsored by le France, KG and MD offer free french lessons, in which they provide phrases de francais that listeners can pepper into regular conversations. This segment also inspired an upcoming NNN app feature, 'Incorrect French Translate'. XIV. It is the Life Snubbed! EN No
Internet Usernames Growing up when the internet had just started growing, choosing cool usernames is a fond memory for maxpaynegill and di(ma)sturbinator. If you too had a cool pseudonym, tell them about it. XV. Fountain of Improv A Family Friendly Episode EW No
Beard Update Inspired by the one blade revolution that has tickled the shaving industry's whiskers, Kanan decides to try it out and promises an update, only to never be heard from again. XV. Fountain of Improv XV. Fountain of Improv EW No
Talking Points Kanan loves helping out his friends. That's why when he discovered Manek prepares talking points for conversations on the podcast, he volunteered to prepare talking points, of things Manek would say anyway, to take some burden off Manek. 6. I'm Not a Robot XV. Fountain of Improv EX No
HiTheApp KG and MD have been developing a revolutionary new way of waving called HiTheApp, and are currently looking for investors. Emotional investors. Make your best offer. 1. A Fully Middle Podcast XII. I'm Not Even LOLing EW No
Unclear Instructions The instructions on the back of Manek's new shampoo are dangerously vague. Whether it's a product manual or an application form, or a to-do list from your parents or boss, tell KG and MD, when were the instructions not clear enough? 6. I'm Not a Robot XII. I'm Not Even LOLing EN No
Regular People News Enough of world news that impacts the entire world and may actually 'matter', KG and MD bring to you 'Regular People News', big headlines and important news but about regular people. XI. A Dog in a Field XII. I'm Not Even LOLing EW Yes
Song by Various Artists Making one's own music is an incredible feeling. To help out listeners, who might not have the time, inclination, instruments, or ability to make music, KG and MD make a song by various artists, one chord at a time. 3. A Spammer in the Works XI. A Dog in a Field EX No (However, includes a song)
I Saw the Signs The world is full of confusing and hilarious signs. Whether it's the name of a store or an aggressive bulletin board, tell KG and MD if you opened up your eyes and saw the signs. 9. Batslapped! 9. Batslapped! EW No
Unbelievable Amshula has a childhood story about accidentally making a magic formula in her kitchen, that made a plant grow 2 feet in 2 hours. Do you have a crazy story that your friends don't believe, tell KG and MD, they will believe you! 5. Let's Cut the Chase 6. I'm Not a Robot EW No
A Well Researched and Deep History of Manek D'Silva Talking to a podcast business veteran, KG and MD realised that their podcast would never get any sponsors, if it was just one of two people talking in a room (or different rooms). To change this, Kanan took it upon himself to create a well researched segment about the man, the myth, the legend, Manek D'Silva. Legend has it that there hasn't been another segment in months because Kanan is still doing his intensive research. 4. I'm Alive Aren't I? 5. Let's Cut the Chase EW No
Would You Spam? Tired of spam messages, Kanan decided to join the dark side of sending bulk SMS. 10,000 messages to Manek, will Kanan be able to do it? 1. A Fully Middle Podcast 3. A Spammer in the Works EX Yes
Podcast Award Shows Most award shows are elitist, giving awards in categories that only they thought of. No more. KG and MD recognise that all podcasts are award worthy in their very own sense. Tell them what your podcast is the best at and you will get an award. 1. A Fully Middle Podcast 2. Not An Issue EW Yes
Fantasy Ruiners Kanan loves to fantasise about things such as living in castles. Manek loves to remind Kanan that dusting a castle would be an outrageous task. Write into KG and MD if you know someone who is a fantasy ruiner. 1. A Fully Middle Podcast 1. A Fully Middle Podcast EW No