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Ethos: A no judgement- safe space kinda podcast[]

The podcast aims to create a safe way for listeners to communicate by using mediums such as E mail and Myspace, where mostly only the admins can check your requests, unlike on other more popular mediums where one comment gets a hundred unsolicited replies. You can write in to them at or listen to their podcast where they spell it out in almost all the new episodes.

Their policy is to never judge you no matter what your story is. Example: Segments such as Unbelievable( where they believe all impossible instances you have faced) and late learners( where they celebrate learning late) are a testament to the their no judgement ethos.

Also their app NNNN, is fully in support of user privacy, doesn't store any of your data or advertise stuff to you by profiling you. In fact, they let go of so much information that even their notes feature doesn't store anything you intentionally type into it, once you move away from it, hence making the feature perfect for typing in temporary anger notes or stress notes.

Pathos: A podcast for connecting people[]

The podcast connects ideas different people have, on related topics and segments to take suggestions and update apps. In the past, there have been instances of happiness, sadness, anger and redemption where the podcasters connect people from across the globe in an attempt to bring them together and resolve differences. One such example is when in the segment 'haters', one of the listeners put forth their reasons for universally hating all twins, and another person reasoned with them about how twins are regular people too, leading to an understanding between twin haters and twins and in turn, to new found friendships. In another segment 'late learners', they also identify how by pure coincidence, two separate families had lied to their children about people within photo frames being their own children, when they were clearly not.

You can start listening to the podcast from the first episodes moving up, or from the latest episodes moving down, to find out in which episode they talk about these things.

Logos: A high effort low returns podcast[]

The podcast believes in the process of doing things rather than the final goal itself. They thus believe the best stuff comes out when you put too much effort to achieve something even if it can be done in other easier ways, as Manek succinctly explained while defending the quality of the segment transition he made in the long taxi ride. Therefore one must find a way to achieve goals, scratch it off and find a harder way to do the same things.

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