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Podcast Ideology: A fully middle podcast

Like all great things, today's rapidly growing NNNN was started with a simple yet important goal. Kanan and Manek for years noticed how podcasts generally spend a lot of time on advertising their own existence and coming to the fact of the matter too late into the episode, draining the listeners of their precious few initial seconds. Annoyed and disillusioned with the ways of present podcasts and with eagerness to change the status quo, the podcasters birthed NNNN.

Every episode comes with a promise of zero fluff and all content. In fact, they even consider explaining how the podcast is a fully middle podcast in every episode, a part of the fluff. Hence the fandom wiki page to clarify things once and for all!

In an attempt to save people time, many measures have been taken. First off, every episode comes in three parts. The beginning of every episode is the 'Mi', the middle is the 'dd' and the end is the 'le'. Therefore, the podcast is fully middle. To ensure full middle-ness of every single sentence, the podcasters are said to start speaking to each other hours before starting recording episodes to get any initial pleasantries and small talk out of the way. They also use 'the strong wind', a recording of a blizzard type thing every time one of them strays from very focused conversations, so that they both pull themselves out of the unintended vortex of fluff.

Also instead of reading a long list of sponsors right at the beginning of each episode and boring people, like other podcasts, NNNN likes to keep it interesting and express gratitude to their very real sponsors only towards the end.

In life, the podcast encourages listeners not just to cut to the chase, but to cut the chase itself !

Podcast Purpose: A dish-washing podcast

The idea of a fully fun fully middle podcast caught on real quick. People globally identified the one chore they get the most bored with, one very essential yet repetitive chore that needs a little color in life, which is washing dishes. To this day, people write in tales of how the podcast makes their dish washing experience a little more bearable. Noticing all the mails of appreciation from the listeners, Kanan and Manek revealed how this was their plan all along! The idea was to make the podcast so dish-washing friendly that people would eventually want to go to the podcast HQ and clean dishes there, listening to the podcast live!