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The podcast arises from ancient mythology. It is too entangled and twisted to comprehend, unless explained in detail.

The Golden Zero

It is a piece of podcast merchandise that cannot be bought. It is an enamel pin that can only be worn by those that have earned it by virtue of deeds of extreme worthiness. Those that wear it without permission are said to combust into ashes and have other terrible things happen to them.

The Chancellor of the podcast

Kanan and Manek are unpaid employees of The Chancellor of the podcast. who forges golden zeros in a celestial fire and hands them over to Gorboroth, the podcast eagle.

Gorboroth: The podcast eagle

This majestic creature of the podcast offers its services by transporting the golden zero from The Chancellor to Manek and Kanan to worthy people in faraway places across mountains and oceans.

Mylar: The keeper of the podcast

Mylar is said to store the golden zeros in subterranean catacombs which are a direct passage from the podcast HQ in Bangalore, to Paris.

Gisquel: The accountant and head of HR of the podcast

You need to email her and CC it to Mylar as well, in case you want to request a golden zero from the chancellor.

Tim: The shape shifting demon

Not to be confused with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, Tim lives under the earth and eats podcasts sometimes. He shape-shifts into co-host of podcasts in an attempt to slowly and slyly consume. The only way to foil his plans is to have a single host podcast because Tim needs a co-host to eat.