No New Notifications from Kanan & Manek Wiki

The Saga[]

Our heroes have travelled a long path of constant challenges and raised bars they've set for themselves. Hence, The podcast has broken several grounds and become what is no less than a modern day revolution

The first Audio only destination podcast:[]

The podcast broke ground and the concept of travel-vlogging when it released its audio destination episode on Cherrapunji, detailing the sounds of a windy Cherrapunji night. It also was the only episode with manual segment transitions. Every transition was them whispering Cheerapunji. This episode was proof that one doesn't need fancy cameras or equipment or destinations to travel or vlog.

The first audio only product-unboxing podcast:[]

The podcast recently became the first to unbox an electric tooth brush which Manek bought for 15k. This proves that the world doesn't need any celebrities making videos tearing away boxes of digital or other equipment to successfully advertise it.

The first Modern Podcast affiliated to Myspace:[]

The podcast does have a Myspace account where you can text, mix, stir and enjoy.

The first audio only video-gaming podcast:[]

Kanan and Manek play the game 'The Demon Souls' and explain how it involves valorously killing demons and collecting their souls to buy health.

The first only-one-video-episode podcast:[]

The podcast temporarily transitioned into a video podcast only for the one 'Winner of Winners' episode when Manek and Kanan played an Audio based game with some winners, over video.

The first podcast with a lawless Subreddit:[]

The NNN not only has this official, heavily monitored fandom, but also a lawless subreddit. Here, any NNN guards can chat and guard the subreddit, but any other post by any non-self-declared-guard person is unacceptable.

The first podcast with a diss-track business:[]

Kanan and Manek yet again notice what is missing in the world of music and fill the gaping gaps. Diss tracks only diss the person getting dissed, but do not solve the issue by being informative, and offering a solution. This is exactly what Kanan and Manek do in a series of Knitting and Coding related diss tracks they shoot at each other.

The first Podcast with only one non-explicit episode:[]

With a noble goal of being accessible to people of all ages, Kanan and Manek offer a small but important window into the NNN universe for all, through the only non-explicit episode in which a witch apparently follows them through out the episode and prevents them from swearing.

The first podcast to formally cremate their LinkedIn page:[]

One of the many mediums the podcast previously dominated was LinkedIn. Inspired, created, sensationalized and terminated, all within matter of weeks, the page sprinkled some humor in the land of otherwise boring business related queries. The podcasters soon realized although the medium had offered them great companionship, it was time to expand by moving on to more popular means of communication, such as E mail and Myspace. However, they didn't do so before formally holding a funeral for one whole segment of one episode, singing songs and writing letters in memory of the beloved LinkedIn page, before they put her to sleep.

Podcast album:[]

The Song by Various Artists got rebranded as the fully middle song. Along with it, all the segment transitions and the diss-tracks are now available as the fully middle album for all to enjoy on multiple audio based streaming platforms.

Podcast soft war resolution with Apple:[]

A plan to clear the soft war against Apple involved getting the NNNN app on Apple Store which is now done.

Number one grudge holding podcast:[]

The only podcast which does not shy away from declaring war against those who have wronged it. Spotify, Apple (now resolved), Clubhouse (Surbhi Bagga's nemesis) and Instagram are some of the things NNN holds a grudge against.

The first podcast to host a takeaway:[]

Kanan and Manek love the things new podcasts do to garner audience engagement but hate the lack of novelty of takeaways. Loyal listeners of the podcast are awarded by having things taken away from them, things they actually want!


What's next?

The NNNN: No New Notifications Network:[]

NNN has gone big by turning into an entire network (NNNN). Now the podcast not only hosts NNN on the NNN app, but also SimpleKen, a strictly no-advice recording of Comic, Kenny Sebastian; The Overthink Tank, a podcast hosted by Surbhi Bagga that does the overthinking so you don't have to; and The Internet Said So by Aadar, Neville, Kautuk and Varun. It intends to review applications from podcasts of the general public to then temporarily host some of them on the app too!

Podcast crypto-currency:[]

The NNN token is yet to be officially launched and put to use. It aims to put a value on invaluable things such as love and friendship, and thus, break more grounds. In yet another novel and bold move, Manek and Kanan have also considered starting their own blockchain.

Hi the app:[]

A revolutionary way of saying Hi to your loved ones across the globe, is yet to come.

In conclusion, after reading all this, are you feeling .."okay,I understood the terminologies but I still need some context"? .Then congratulations! you have reached the right feeling. Here at the fandom, our purpose is to leave you with just enough knowledge and just enough mystery for you to want to head over to and check out the full podcast to solve any itsy bitsy doubts you might have left.