No New Notifications from Kanan & Manek Wiki

What is a podcast that does not wage wars on those that fail to recognize it.

Kanan and Manek launched the podcast in 2020 hoping for the world to get a high quality podcast to listen to. Incredulously, NNN did NOT feature in Spotify's list of Top Podcasts Launched in 2020; a brazen snub to the podcast and it's listeners. We are now thus at war with Spotify. In reaction to the snub, the No New Notifications app was launched on the Google Play Store so listeners of the show do not have to open Spotify relive the trauma of the snub, they may simply listen to the podcast on the app. By redirecting the listeners of the podcast to The No New Notifications app, and to JioSaavn, which did acknowledge the podcast among its top 2020 podcasts, Kanan and Manek hope that Spotify will look at their dropping statistics and think about what they’ve done to start this war.

Unfortunately, the initial launch of the app was only on the Google Playstore for Android devices, because the Apple store was delaying approving the NNN developer account despite multiple attempted payments. This led to a second war against Apple. Not that this was a soft war, because it did not seem like an intentional act of aggression on Apple's part, more of a misunderstanding. After months of Kanan desperately trying to fix the issue, he escalated the issue to Manek, who escalated the issue to someone claiming to be Apple CEO Tim Cook (not to be confused with Tim The Shape Shifting Demon). Tim promised to put Apple's entire world-wide staff on the case immediately, to fix the issue and support NNN in its on-going war against Spotify. He even went on to call the popular streaming service "Pottify". But despite the juvenile sense of humour, Tim Cook followed through on his promise and 2 days later the NNN app was finally launched on the iOS App Store as well, bringing the NNN-Apple soft war to a close and entering an era of peace and harmony.

The podcast in an attempt to release the Fully middle album, was also dragged into an admin war with CDBaby, a body that checks whether album titles will be approved for streaming platforms. Manek is said to have fought the war from 1997 till 2021, with an intense back and forth of negotiations regarding the album name. They explain the troubles and challenges they overcame while getting album name approvals in the episode I Demand Kowledge, for the benefit of the general public so that all the post 2021 artists can cut out these problems and have a smooth album title picking experience.

Always creating history in uncharted podcast territory, NNN became the first podcast ever to initiate a hard war on the infamous social media network, Instagram. Manek and Kanan, embittered by the anxiety and anguish the dying social media network gave them, released a wonderfully crafted soul rap diss track, 'Death of the 'gram'. Realising that the only thing keeping Instagram from succumbing to its own toxicity, Manek and Kanan announced 'Friendship', a 'surprisingly polished' upcoming feature of the NNN app. Unlike Instagram, Friendship is a realistic social media feature, that is exactly what it sounds like and reminds you that there is no such thing as unlimited friends.