No New Notifications from Kanan & Manek Wiki

The podcast hosts multiple segments like the NNN website states. It also wishes to establish its own audio branding by offering different segment breaks as transitions from one segment into another.

The idea was to have transitions of varied themes so that everyone vibes with the theme of their interest. With this in mind, over the weeks Manek has come up with 26 segment transitions (one for each letter of the alphabet), each of which have a different moods while being played and also have informative audio notes at the end conveying that we're heading to the next segment.

Segment transition D is a 5 second recording of nothing. It is the highest quality silence there is. This transition plays in the background throughout all episodes.

Segment transition Z consists of a repeating blues riff interspersed with gaps that increase in length as the transition progresses. Finally the gaps grow so large it fits entire episodes, and since the transition has not yet ended, we are all currently living life in the gap between two blues riffs.

All segment transitions are available to listen to as part of The Fully Middle Album on all music streaming services including Apple Music, JioSaavn, Napster, and maybe even Spotify, who knows.