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To use this template, add the {{Episode}} template and fill in the appropriate fields. Fields left blank will not appear in articles. This infobox template uses Fandom's infobox syntax.

Funny Titles

In case of episodes with "START LISTENING HERE" and "START WATCHING HERE" in the titles, please create a page without it in the title and set the title attribute of this template to the full title. This is because the "START X HERE" status keeps changing and the page title is meant to serve as a permalink to the episode. Whereas, the contents of the page can change independently.


Episode Fans of the Law initially had the title "START LISTENING HERE - Fans of the Law" but was later changed to "Fans of the Law". Thus, the page had to be moved, which leaves some mess behind. It is hence recommended to leave out the "START X HERE -" part from the page names and only include it in the page contents. Check out the 'Sample output' section below for the correct usage.


 | title             =     (without "START X HERE")
 | episodeNumber     = 
 | airDate           = 
 | length            =
 | previousEpisode   = 
 | nextEpisode       = 

Sample output

 | title           = Fans of the Law
 | episodeNumber   = 28
 | airDate         = April 12, 2021
 | length          = 55 minutes
 | previousEpisode = [[Falling in Glove]]
 | nextEpisode     = [[I Demand Knowledge]]