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The Emoji Olympics is a highly competitive test of digital athleticism, hosted for the first time on the No New Notifications Podcast. The origins of this event stem from the ever-expanding nature of the emoji page on most smartphones, up to the point where there are 7 emojis for water-based transport vehicles. This plethora of emojis, coupled with the difficulty in accurately finding an appropriate emoji for a conversation, prompted Kanan and Manek to develop this contest of skill, speed, and emoji literacy.

First edition[]

The idea for the Emoji Olympics was proposed in episode 7 of the podcast, titled “Hello Doctor". This idea was immediately executed in the very next episode, “Emoji Olympics Special”. It featured a record-breaking number of contestants, which was 2. Vinesh Johny, and Deepa Jacob, engaged in a thrilling head-to-head encounter of 3 rounds, which, by pure coincidence, ended up in a tie. This was resolved in a tiebreaker round in the finale, held in episode 10.

Second edition[]

The second edition of the Emoji Olympics took place in the one-time-only video episode of the podcast, "Winner of Winners", where once again, it featured 2 contestants, Joel and Joanna.