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In the spirit of Christmas and anti-capitalism, Kanan and Manek decided to knit woollen things instead of buying them (Episode Snubbed!). Since both of them were new to knitting, they decided on making a finger-less glove each. It was initially decided that an external jury would decide the winner of this Knit-off.

In the next episode (Episode APPetite for Disruption), it was decided that in order for the competition to be fair, both of them should have the same equipment. Manek decided to order the yarn and needles for the both of them. It was also decided that one of the contestants of the Heavy Metal Knitting Competition would come on the podcast, and answer questions about knitting.

In Episode Much Ado About Knitting, Nathalie Cortada (the first heavy metal knitter in the world), answered all of Kanan and Manek's questions about knitting.

After this we entered a dark period, where it seemed that the Knit-Off had been forgotten.

In Episode Falling in Glove Manek brought up the topic of finger-less gloves, and it seemed like Kanan had forgotten about them altogether. However, Manek presented his completely finished finger-less glove and proceeded to express his disappointment in the form of a power ballad.

Kanan defended himself saying that Manek also makes promises and then doesn't follow up on them, such as when he promised to make a 3-panel comic based on the podcast (Episode If You Have Guts). The very next episode Manek presented a 3-panel comic summarising the Knitting Saga itself, closing the loop and ending the saga.